Winter SCL classes are here. New classes begin December 3rd and will conclude on February 25th. I want to encourage you to study God's word this Winter.

Seeing God in the Dark

by: JI Packer

How should Christians behave toward one another and toward the world? How are we to be the face of Christ when seeing God so difficult? How do you find strength in God when your world is in ruins?

J. I. Packer cuts to the core of these and other challenging questions in this collection of compelling essays. In four sections, the master theologian examines the church as it is, the church as it should be, evangelism, and Christian living. Serious students of the Bible and those who want to follow Jesus - not as the world says, but as Jesus himself taught - will discover tremendous wisdom and life-changing spiritual guidance in this volume. Packer is not one to ignore or gloss over; heed his admonitions and embrace his encouragements as you learn to follow after God's heart in all areas of living. 


Revelations of the Cross

by: JI Packer

In this collection of writings from one of the most well-known theologians of the modern era, Packer strongly defends Trinitarian theology and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ against contemporary challenges. He calls for believers to be serious about the Holy Spirit, and his insights on this topic provide a template for applying theological beliefs to controversial issues within the church. Chapters include issues such as the universal and particular nature of God's love, the problem of universal aims and, as mentioned, the Holy Spirit.

The Book of Acts

If ever there was an environment hostile to the gospel, it was the strife-torn, ethnically diverse backwater of the Roman Empire known as Palestine following the ascension of Jesus. But the gospel thrived--beginning from Jerusalem and spreading throughout Judea, Samaria and the rest of the known world.
In Acts, the sequel to his Gospel, Luke tells how the Holy Spirit transformed a ragtag band of believers into a unified, world-engaging church. In this book we will explore the narrative of the early church and how the gospel may be advanced in the increasingly divided and skeptical culture of the late twentieth century.