Every week the sermon at Good News is recorded.  Below you will find many of these sermons.  If you are looking for a particular one and it is not here, please contact the Church office and our staff will do their best to find it for you.  Feel free to share these sermons with others.  All we ask is that you do not charge for them.

Sermon Speaker Date Listen Download
History of American Christianity Dr. Wiers 5/9/2018 Listen Download
Five elements of Joy Pastor Chris 2/9/2018 Listen Download
Interview with Pastor Hackmann Pastor Hackmann 26/8/2018 Listen Download
Escaping Temptation Pastor Chris 12/8/2018 Listen Download
Grid your Mind Pastor Richard 5/8/2018 Listen Download
Jairus' Daughter had a Father Pastor Chris 17/6/2018 Listen Download
Presenting Christ in the Marketplace of Idols Pastor Chris 10/6/2018 Listen Download
Acts 16 Pastor Chris 3/6/2018 Listen Download
Amazing Grace Meets the New Testament Pastor Chris 27/5/2018 Listen Download
Simon and Simon Pastor chris 29/4/2018 Listen Download
The Man Stephen Pastor Rich 22/4/2018 Listen Download
Acts 2 Pastor Chris 15/4/2018 Listen Download

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