Every week the sermon at Good News is recorded.  Below you will find many of these sermons.  If you are looking for a particular one and it is not here, please contact the Church office and our staff will do their best to find it for you.  Feel free to share these sermons with others.  All we ask is that you do not charge for them.

Sermon Speaker Date Listen Download
Saing Goodbye Rev. Chris Arch 23/3/2014 Listen Download
Four Big Liars Found in 1 John Rev. Chris Arch 16/3/2014 Listen Download
Fasting Rev. Chris Arch 9/3/2014 Listen Download
4 Measures of Assurance Rev. Chris Arch 23/2/2014 Listen Download
Love Limited Liberty Rev. Chris Arch 19/1/2014 Listen Download
Responing to Contentment in our Lives Rev. Chris Arch 5/1/2014 Listen Download
Distinguishing Qualities of True Believers Rev. Chris Arch 27/6/2013 Listen Download
Having Joy In Spite of... Rev. Chris Arch 19/5/2013 Listen Download
3 Questions That Have to Be Answered with Regards to Missions Rev. Chris Arch 7/4/2013 Listen Download
The Lord's Teaching on Prayer Rev. Chris Arch 3/3/2013 Listen Download
3 Ways We Can view People Rev. Chris Arch 24/2/2013 Listen Download
Our Response to the Authority of Christ - Part 2 Rev. Chris Arch 10/2/2013 Listen Download

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