Church Announcements for Sunday, February 3rd, 2019


The GNBC Chili Bowl TODAY following worship.  Please join us downstairs!

If you have any interest in being part of the team for this year’s Missions trip to Poland, please see Mike Miller

If you were part of the Poland Team last year, the people that contributed to your gong, their contribution statement is in the office for you to pick up and pass along.

Birthdays: (2/3) Robert Saxon (2/5) Rocksann Olson, Jim Schlott, Sheila Wootonn (2/9) Abby Barker, Jimphelia Raye
Anniversaries:  (2/8) Trey & Stefanie Bell (2/9) Robert & Shellie Vascik

Serving in Ministries TODAY
Children’s Church3-4 yr olds:   Zach Johnson/Daniel Arch
                               5-8 yr olds:  Lindsey Alexander/Neema Madumba
Nursery Care: 9:20 am:   Linscheids
10:35 am:   J/M Miller
Greeters:   Mallies & Bobby Cole
Sound:  Bob & Uriah

Serving in Ministries on February 10th, 2019
Children’s Church:  3-4 yr olds:   Amy Barker & Ruth Miller
                                      5-8 yr olds:  Jean Garnett & Abby Barker
Nursery Care: 9:20 am:  Sulus
10:35 am: Gregorys
Greeters:   Chuck & Michele Schmidt
Sound:   David & Daniel