Bulletin Announcements for 3.10.2019


We will be welcoming new members following the worship service.

Home Groups tonight at 6pm.  They are at the homes of the Arches and the Pitmans.

We need volunteers for Children’s Church. This is a vital ministry for Good News.  Please see bulletin insert.

(3/10) Chris Arch
Rick Emerson
William Pypes & Emma Schmidt
(3/15) Galvin Ashitey

Serving in Ministries TODAY

Children’s Church3-4 yr olds: Jill Schlott & Daniel Arch
                               5-8 yr olds: Lynn Dye & Robert Schmidt

Nursery Care: 9:20 am:   Linscheids

                             10:35 am:  M/L Alexander

Greeters:   Rayes

Sound:  Allen & Abby

Serving in Ministries on March 17th, 2019

Children’s Church:  3-4 yr olds:   Rhonda Pypes & Paul Greer
                               5-8 yr olds:  Becca Ilten & Ruth Miller

Nursery Care: 9:20 am:  Marilyn & Amy DeCoster

                             10:35 am:  M/L Miller

Greeters:  Sulus

Sound:   David & Daniel


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