Core Values


Purpose: “To Make Disciples and Lead them to Maturity in Christ”

1. Good News Bible Church shall be a place to find Christian fellowship and Christian support.

2. Good News Bible Church shall strive to educate all who attend in the working knowledge of Biblical interpretation. This includes, but is not limited to, basic presuppositions and principles, the importance of historical context and setting, the unity of Scripture, the interpretation of linguistic devices including parables, figurative language, poetry, metaphor, simile, symbol, hyperbole, etc.

3. Good News Bible Church shall endeavor to encourage all members to apply Biblical knowledge to their personal lives.   We shall encourage individuals to be faithful in Bible reading, prayer and fasting, fellowship, and worship with the focus of having a more exciting and fulfilling personal relationship with Christ.

4. Good News Bible Church shall encourage and help develop a corporate and individual burden for the lost (both locally and worldwide) and will actively seek their conversion.

5. Good News Bible Church shall maintain an unwavering commitment to Biblical absolutes while allowing individual liberty in areas not specifically directed by Scripture.

6. Good News Bible Church is pledged to encourage, support, and advance the integrity of the family as defined by Scripture.