Five Year Vision Plan

GNBC  5 Year Vision        2020-2024

  1. We envision a vibrant, multi-ethnic congregation with 60% of the Sunday morning worship attendees involved in Sunday School/School of Christian Living.  We will increase Bible Study, prayer meeting and other fellowship opportunities so as to involve 90% of this congregation.
  2. We envision a systematic program that will help train and equip teachers for SS/SCL, Bible Studies, and other teaching opportunities. We will perform teacher and class evaluations.
  3. We envision being a congregation that attracts visitors. Our goal will be to attract at least two times the number of visitors equal to or greater than our average attendance.
  4. We envision being a congregation whose facilities are fully accessible to all individuals regardless of physical disability.
  5. We envision paying off the church building by 2032.
  6. We envision being a congregation that is intentionally mission minded, seeking to fulfill the Great Commission, both globally and locally (Mt. 28:18-20). As a congregation we will seek to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unreached Bashkir and Tatar people living in Russia. We will seek to involve one third of the congregation in foreign missions every five years and one half of our congregation involved in local missions every two years.
  7. We envision an orientation class that will meet one time per quarter covering the doctrinal statement, vision and purpose statements and opportunities to serve within the congregation. We will annually preach and teach on our doctrinal statement.
  8. We envision doubling the size of the current (2016) Elders board.
  9. We envision bringing Christ to the needy. We’ll encourage a fully functioning and Biblically based counseling and life coaching ministry to help new Christians and those experiencing spiritual or other difficulties, so as to achieve peace, freedom and a maturity in Christ. We will seek to develop a transitional course which will seek to assist immigrants in developing life skills essential for successful living in the United States.
  10. We envision creating a system by which accurate monitoring of numerical progress of the first nine goals will exist.