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The Winter Semester of SCL classes is beginning! Classes start on February 7th.

In Person Class

Burroughs’ writings, some published before and others after his death, were numerous but The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment is one of the most valuable of them all. Its author was much concerned to promote (1)peace among believers of various ‘persuasions’ (2)peace and contentment in the hearts of individual believers during what he describes as ‘sad and sinking times’. The Rare Jewel concentrates upon this second aim. It is marked by sanity, clarity, aptness of illustration, and worth of appeal to the heart

Online Class (Zoom)

Luke is the story of Jesus Christ – exactly as it happened. It’s written by Luke, the physician. Luke is the third Gospel (an account of Jesus’ life and ministry) in the New Testament. Luke tells Jesus’ story in extensive detail, more so than any other Gospel. Luke records miracles, sermons, conversations, and personal feelings (Lk 2:19). The writer is a thorough historian who researched everything (Lk 1:3). The book of Luke shows us Jesus, who came to seek and save the lost (Lk 19:10). We learn all about the God-man in whom we’ve placed our faith. We see how He lived, how He died, and how He rose again.

In Person class

The ideas in Lex Rex predate modern concepts of nationalism and politics. They are older than the United States Constitution, as well as the American Revolution – where many modern ideas of liberty originated. Lex Rex is even older than the Enlightenment that receives so much credit for concepts such as popular sovereignty, limited government, separation of powers, and individual liberty. Nevertheless, Samuel Rutherford’s Lex Rex – written at a time that viewed kings as vessels of divine power – raised a Scriptural standard arguing for the dignity of the people and the accountability of earthly governments. Although some would seek to pigeonhole the book as merely a tract on civil resistance, Lex Rex contains a comprehensive examination of a Christian view of civil government. In doing so, Lex Rex actually formulates a blueprint for freedom applicable for any time and any place. Rutherford hoped to demonstrate the need for government based on law instead of the arbitrary decisions of fallible humanity. Throughout this process, the Bible is the final authority and basis for law. This Scriptural base was a primary reason for both the great support and opposition that met Lex Rex.

Youth SCL (In Person)

The Earliest Account of Jesus’ Life. When Jesus came claiming to be the promised Messiah, the Jewish people were expecting a powerful warrior-king who would throw off their oppressors. Instead, He served the needs of the weak and suffered injury from the strong. Because He did not fit their ideal picture of a messiah, the people rejected Him. Mark’s Gospel, probably the earliest account of Jesus’ life, shows us how Jesus upsets our expectations in order to give us something better than we could imagine.