Winter SCL classes are here. New classes begin on December 8th!

The new classes are:

Fundamentals of the Faith

The Gospel of John


The Gospel of John declares its purpose clearly–“these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” Thus it fulfills a dual function, encouraging believers and providing them with evidences for proclaiming that Jesus is God’s Messiah, the divine, incarnate Son of God. Christians today, as in the first century, can draw strength and courage from John’s telling of the story of Jesus, a telling that consistently reflects not only the words and deeds of Jesus but their inner significance.

Ordering Your Private World

Does your life feel cluttered? Maybe your overcrowded calendar isn’t your only problem! MacDonald believes that simplifying your external life begins with seeking internal order. In this updated edition, he shows a technology-focused generation how to deal with stress by submitting to God in five areas: motivation, priorities, intellect, spiritual growth, and rest.


In a culture where spiritual warfare is everywhere, it’s time to raise the shield of faith and fight the demonic forces at work in this world! Drawing on Ephesians 6, this expanded edition of Ingram’s bestseller reveals what believers need to know in order to prayerfully defend themselves and their families against Satan’s daily attacks.