Praise for Bavinck’s Wonderful Works of God—also published as Our Reasonable Faith

Praise for Bavinck’s Wonderful Works of God—also published as Our Reasonable Faith

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The Wonderful Works of God is more than an abridged version of Reformed Dogmatics—it is a fresh restatement of the same truths clothed in plain language for popular use. May God use it to infuse scriptural, Reformed Christianity into the heads and hearts of many people.” — Joel R. Beeke, President, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

“Your spiritual life will be well benefitted as you immerse yourself in this rich teaching.” – Steven J. LawsonPresident, OnePassion Ministries

“The reappearance of this volume is most welcome. As Bavinck’s own abridgement of his monumental Reformed Dogmatics, it not only serves as an important and helpful introduction to that larger work but also provides brief and valuable treatments in their own right of the matters dealt with in its twenty-four chapters. Here is a book that belongs in the libraries of every church, pastor, teacher, and student of theology.” — Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology Emeritus, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Over the years I have found this summary of the Christian faith to be the most eloquent and the most thoroughly biblical and pastoral that I have ever seen in a single volume. The most difficult doctrines in the Reformed faith are given a masterful treatment. Without diminishing from their complexity, Bavinck manages to make the loci of our theology accessible and winsome. Everyone should own a copy and read it regularly.” — William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Theological Seminary

“It was Bavinck, through this volume, who confirmed for me that theology can and must grow organically from the Scriptures. In The Wonderful Works of God Bavinck leads us in this discipline with doxological elegance. His deep knowledge and careful treatment of the Scriptures, woven together in the great themes of biblical revelation, provides a model methodology for pastors and teachers. I have commended this book for disciplining pastors and leaders in the past and I am delighted that Westminster Seminary Press has produced this new edition for a new generation.” — John Currie, Professor of Pastoral Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

“Condensing his multi-volume Dogmatics, this one volume of Bavinck’s ‘gold’ is a great treasure. This book was formative in my own trek to Reformed theology, as it has been for many others. At a time of doctrinal confusion and the blurring of important categories even in evangelical circles, this new edition is welcome indeed.” — Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminster Seminary California

“You don’t read Bavinck. You drink Bavinck. You savor words that beautifully wrap lucidity. Your face smiles even as your heart worships, saying, ‘O Lord, you are my God… I will praise your name, for you have done wonderful things.’”

A. Craig Troxel

Professor of Practical Theology, Westminster Seminary California

“Herman Bavinck’s theology has been the fountainhead of Reformed thinking for over a century. His four-volume Dogmatics, recently translated into English, is a huge blessing to the church. Now his shorter theology, The Wonderful Works of God, is available in English again, in a new edition with study helps, and I could not be happier. This should be the anchor of every theological library.”

John Frame

Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

“I have used Bavinck’s one-volume systematic theology as a ‘go-to’ for many years. It remains the gold standard. Every serious Bible student should read it.”

Derek W. H. Thomas

Chancellor’s Professor of Systematic and Pastoral Theology, Reformed Theological Seminary

“While Herman Bavinck’s four-volume Reformed Dogmatics has taken its rightful place on the bookshelves of theologians and pastors, his single-volume designed for the layperson remains largely absent from family bookshelves. I am delighted that WSP is releasing it again in this handsome volume. Bavinck is well-known for his scholarly depth and less so for his accessibility, but The Wonderful Works of God is refreshingly direct, pastoral, and profound. It is easily the best single-volume systematic theology I’ve encountered, and I commend it to all!”

Brian G. Mattson

Senior Scholar of Public Theology, Center for Cultural Leadership

Praise for Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism

“I have read Christianity and Liberalism by J. Gresham Machen multiple times for multiple reasons. Each time has been a blessing for my life and ministry. As I now read this anniversary edition I am astonished at how relevant it is for the challenges facing the evangelical and reformed church today. It is only enhanced through the insightful essays provided by the faculty of Westminster Seminary. You must read it and read all of it!”

Dr. Harry L. Reeder, III

Pastor Teacher, Briarwood Presbyterian Church

“Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism is as relevant today as it was almost a hundred years ago when he wrote, powerfully defining true and biblical Christianity. This volume is especially valuable as his spiritual heirs at Westminster relate Machen’s thought to the church today.”

Dr. Richard Phillips

“J. Gresham Machen played a major role in challenging Christians not to withdraw from the culture but to have a Kingdom perspective. Not only did Machen understand the issues of the 1920’s America culture, but he wrote in such a manner that he speaks to us almost 100 years later in a contemporary tone. This book is for Christians, and especially for Christian leaders, to see how Machen’s perspective helps our understanding of similar issues today. I think the original copyright could just as well read 2019 instead of 1923. How he dealt with the strategic issues of his day gives us a model to enable us to do the same today. Christianity and Liberalism is a clear guide book for us.”

Dr. Charles Dunahoo

Author of Making Kingdom Disciples, Coordinator of Christian Education and Publications, PCA (1976-2012)

“I first encountered J. Gresham Machen’s work as an undergraduate student grappling with modern challenges to the Christian faith. I found in him a mind passionate for the truth and a heart aflame with the gospel.”

Timothy George

Dean, Beeson Divinity School

“Someone said recently that we need ‘a new Machen’ to speak insightfully to present–day theological confusions. That would be great. But, thank the Lord, the old Machen does continue to teach us.”

Richard J. Mouw

President Emeritus, Fuller Theological Seminary

“it would be well for Christ’s body not to marginalize Machen as a nostalgic symbol. His battle for Christian truth uncovers the folly of those growing increasingly flexible toward broadening the doors of biblical orthodoxy.”

William D. Dennison

Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies, Covenant College

“In J. Gresham Machen, God gave the church an inimitable champion of biblical orthodoxy and gospel clarity…Machen is one of American evangelicalism’s most important 20th–century thinkers.”

Russell Moore

President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

“J. Gresham Machen was a man of his times, enmeshed in protracted and penetrating conflict over the triumphant liberalism of his day. He was also a man who transcended his times, because he undertook, with rare learning and clear–sighted understanding, the defense of the faith ‘once for all entrusted to God’s holy people’ (Jude 3). His Christianity and Liberalism, for instance, written almost a century ago, still sounds amazingly prophetic…Machen is always worth reading. ”

D. A. Carson

Research Professor of New Testament, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“J. Gresham Machen was one of the best thinkers and writers among Reformed theologians before his untimely death on New Year’s Day of 1937….Machen’s writing is always crisp and clear, without any compromise of cogent argument….When Machen finishes dealing with an unbelieving argument, I always feel that there is nothing more to be said on the unbelieving side.”

John Frame

Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy, Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando

“Machen is clearly a spiritual gentleman, a worthy scholar, and a tender shepherd….Machen may well have no peer when it comes to clear, direct, and stirring expositional and applicational writing. Reader, prepare your mind and heart for a bracing read.”

Joseph Novenson

Senior Teaching Pastor, Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church, Lookout Mountain, TN

“J. Gresham Machen was one of the most prescient and courageous Christian theologians of the early 20th century. During his life, Machen was a clear and consistent voice for Christian orthodoxy and evangelical truth in the face of liberalism…Machen’s works are as relevant now as they were when they were first written.”

Albert Mohler

President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“That Christianity and Liberalism did emerge as a kind of Christian classic, and that it continues to impact the thinking of Christian people after a century of turbulent change, is often attributed to the author’s prescience. He saw the road that liberalism was taking and was able to describe the movement so incisively that his book is still relevant almost a century later. ”

Chad Van Dixhoorn

Westminster Theological Seminary

“I cannot count the number of times I have read J. G. Machen’s Christianity and Liberalism. Each time something fresh jumps off the page. In its profound simplicity, it is timeless. Machen’s tone [is] always gracious, never bitter. While there is plenty of polemic, he never seems to belittle his opponents. Disagreement is not dislike. We can learn that, and so much else, from J. Gresham Machen.”

William Edgar

Westminster Theological Seminary

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